Why Should Pet Parents Learn Dog and Cat First Aid & CPR?

To Be the Best Prepared Pet Parents, here’s what you will learn:

  • How to build a first aid kit for your human family and your pets
  • Learn creative muzzling techniques even for your own pets
  • How to treat allergic situations or insect bites
  • Tips to remove sap, ice balls or gum from paws and fur
  • How to RECOGNIZE seizures, shock, doggie dementia, anxiety, heatstroke or frostbite
  • How to wrap an injury and when to secure a fracture
  • Choking relief or rescue breathing
  • When and how to perform CPR on your dog or cat
  • How to treat burns and abscesses.

Be prepared to care for your pet if/when an emergency occurs.

Peggy has proudly taught Dog & Cat First Aid & CPR since 2008!

If you would like to attend or host a class, please contact me @ rewcrew@charter.net. I travel anywhere in the US.